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Job ID #792

Alpine Camp and Conference Center

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LocationBlue Jay, California (USA)
SubmittedJanuary 01, 2018
TitleFood Service Manager
ResponsibilitiesSpecific Qualifications

• Demonstrated, effective customer service orientation and skills.
• The ability to provide leadership, supervision, and to bring out the best work in others.
• Computer competency in Excel, Publisher and Word.
• Proficient in math relevant to food service management.
• Serve Safe Certified.
• Able to accurately and annually comply with documentation for Food Service Management experience (ACA, SF-22).
• Able to provide consistently high quality meal experience, age appropriate, at a reasonable cost.

General Responsibilities

• Proactively participate in assigned management team and staff meetings, activities and outcomes.
• Intentionally contribute to a healthy organizational culture aligned with Alpine’s Identity Standards, Character Guide, Peacemaker’s Pledge, Relational Covenant, etc.
• Lead and manage Food Service Team in a timely, growth-oriented manner, anticipating and providing for guest’s food service needs.
• Proactively align efforts and results with Alpine’s HATD, Food Service and Risk Management Practices.
• Lead the Food Service Team in consistent quality improvements while providing a meaningful and supportive work environment in which mutual accountability to standards and results is the norm.
• Generate, submit, and monitor track and project annual and monthly income and expense budgets as related to food service.
• Develop meaningful working relationships with Food Service vendors for the purposes of receiving excellent pricing.
• Effective and timely two-way communication with all relevant departments regarding the planning and execution of the above duties.
• Commit to Alpine’s Relational Covenant guidelines.
• Consult with the Operations Director both regularly and as concerns arise.
• Other duties as assigned by Alpine’s Executive leadership.
• Consistently high marks in customer satisfaction

Specific Responsibilities

• Supervisory Role
o Supervises the Food Service Administrator, Head Cook, Cooks and Baker.
o Responsible for hiring, training, scheduling and evaluations of Food Service employees.
o Works with Food Service Administrator on monthly work schedules.
o Responsible for aligning actions of Food Service employees with Alpine’s Identity Standards, policies and practices.
o Timecard approval of Food Service Administrator and Food Service full and part-time employees.
o Consistently healthy levels of staff morale in Food Service.
• Planning and Control
o Responsible for menu planning, including all seasonal and holiday banquet menus.
o Leads strategic planning and training meetings with Cooks and Dining Room Hosts.
o Responsible for budget management, proper inventory and invoice control, ordering, receiving, and storage of foods and supplies.
o Clarity of expectations regarding organization, cleanliness, service, attention to detail, and mission mindedness.
• Preparation and Execution
o Operates all kitchen equipment correctly, ensuring that all equipment works properly.
o Responsible for the proper opening and closing of all food service areas and facilities.
o Sees that kitchen and food storage areas are kept clean and sanitized according to Health Department, ACA and Alpine standards. Does so through both modeling (do-it-yourself, cleaning up after oneself, even dirty dishes, mopping, etc.) and appropriate delegation.
o Uses Decision-Making Guidelines, as outlined in the Alpine Food Service Department Standards.

General Essential Functions

• Ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as outlined.
• Regular, timely attendance.
• Ability to lift and carry 50 pounds.
• The ability to work inside and outside in various weather conditions such as cold and hot temperatures, rain and snow.
• Capable of ascending and descending stairs and ladders.
• Must possess a valid California Driver License and have a clean driving record.
• Ability and willingness to work flexible hours, including some mornings, late nights, and weekends.

Specific Essential Functions

• Be able to cook with skills of a chef a variety of menus for campers of various ages and cultures, banquets, guests, leaders and staff.

PayBased on qualifications and experience
TimelineFull-Time, Year-Round
Second Position
Responsibilities General Responsibilities
• Proactively participate in assigned (staff/management team) meetings, activities and outcomes.
• Intentionally contribute to a healthy organizational culture aligned with Alpine’s Identity Standards, Character Guide, Peacemaker’s Pledge, etc.
• Proactively engage in increasingly effective two-way communication (sharing information, resources and feedback) within your department and, as needed, with all relevant departments regarding actions and resources required to achieve determined results.
• Comply with all policies and practices as outlined in Alpine’s Personnel Policy Handbook and other handbooks and manuals relevant to this position.
• Commit to Alpine’s Relational Covenant guidelines.

• Other duties as assigned by Alpine’s executive leadership.

Specific Responsibilities

• Creative use of leftover reconstitution
• Uses Decision-Making Guidelines
• Uses high quality ingredients, measuring accurately, adjusting recipes when needed
• Operates all kitchen equipment correctly, insuring that they all work properly
• Taste tests and evaluates foods before serving to make sure standards are met
• Keeps kitchen and food storage areas clean and sanitized according to Health Department Standards
• Responsible for the proper opening and closing of all kitchen areas
• Garnishes food in an appealing manner
• Provides timely service and quality meals to all guests served
• Responsible to train other staff members in food preparation and handling
• Provide healthy choices using fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables
• Production of meals as assigned

General Essential Functions

• Able to arrive consistently on time and prepared to work.
• Capable of ascending and descending stairs and ladders
• Capable of lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds
• Possesses a valid California driver’s license and a clean driving record or an Identification Card.
• Able to sit, stand and/or work in varied conditions for extended periods of time as needed.
• Able to clearly speak to and hear others both in person and through varied electronic communication devices.

Specific Essential Functions
• Work in cooperation with other Staff Members with a willingness to assist in other departments
• Actively demonstrates and implements quality service to Alpine’s guests
• Understands hours worked will be flexible and will require some early mornings as well as nights and weekends
• Actively demonstrates and implements Alpine’s Food Service Standards
• Takes an active role in anticipating the needs of the guests and providing for them
• Consults with the Food Service Manager as concerns arise
• Other duties as assigned by the Food Service Manager

Pay$250 a week housing (must live on-site) and meals included
TimelineSeasonal May-August 2018
Other Information
AcceptingChristian Applicants Only
This business isA Christian business
Other DetailsAlpine is a Christian camp. Applicants must be able to cook in large quantities from 30 people to 400 people. The meals must be on time and taste good. We prefer cooking from scratch when possible to best serve out guest.

Contact Information
ContactRachel Weimer/HR
Contact Address Mailing: P.O. Box 155 Blue Jay CA 92317
415 Club House Drive Dr. Blue Jay CA 92317

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